Are you ready to be Unabashedly, unapologetically, authentically you?

With anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.


Celebrate your Different.

We honor the intersection between dapper and sacred, form and function, quality, sustainability and affordability. We value creativity over consumption. We imagine a world without settling nor compromise – and we are beginning with clothing.

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The Before Love & After Love Effect


Come with questions:

  • Who am I and where do I fit in the world?

  • Why don’t I feel more confident?

  • How can I find clothes that I actually like, that fit me well, when I hate to shop?

  • How can I stop judging myself?

  • How do I trust myself more?

  • What do I really want? And once I figure it out, how do I get it?

  • What will actually make me happy?


Leave with clarity:

  • Empowered

  • More aware, loving, and connected to your authentic self

  • Exuding confidence

  • Wearing high-quality, unique clothing that represents your authentic self and makes you excited to get dressed every morning

  • Connected to your Courageous Heart

  • Clear on what you want and how to get it


I use clothing as a vehicle for spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial growth and empowerment.

Clothing is the perfect medium for growth because, unlike any other healing modality, the effects are instantaneous. We begin with a soulful exploration of self to uncover the heart of who you are. Then we use these insights to harmonize your wardrobe with your true, authentic self. You will experience the power of your own presence as you fully express who you are to the world, and attract the life your heart is calling for.


Watch the process:


This guy is as real as ‘real deals’ get. If I had to trust one person to help me get right with myself – and my life – when it mattered most, this is my one phone call. He is a revelation of the highest order. Guys, come meet this man. If he takes you into his care, it might just change your life.

Andrew S. | Asheville, NC


This is what Love does with clothing: brings out the best you.

Gene B. | New York City, NY


[Love] is truly a guru and flat out knows his stuff. I cannot recommend him enough!

– Sam T. | Minneapolis, MN


Weeks after my session, I still had powerful revelations and insights that have enabled me to embrace my fullest potential.

Kenneth W. | Albuquerque, NM


Love’s “Why”

I am an expression consultant, a preacher, a bestselling author, and for the ready man I am a CornerMan. I am a husband and a father.

I am a man committed to leaving this world better than I found it. 



About Dapper

In essence, Dapper Love Soul was birthed in its first iteration roughly 20 years ago. I was an outreach worker at a small non-profit in Syracuse, NY and my job was to engage teens and young adults 16-21 years of age and help them reach their goals.

Most of the young men I approached wanted jobs at the mall because that’s where “the money, the girls, and the sneakers are.” So I told them I would help them get a job there if they were willing to dress up. Reluctantly, they agreed. So we went to the thrift store and bought them each a suit and some nice shoes, and off to the mall we went. What happened next changed the course of my life:

At first when we entered the mall, I was walking beside young men who felt awkward in their new attire. (They had never worn a suit before.) And then, time and time again, they would begin to raise their head and shoulders. They began smiling. They began exuding confidence. After the third time I witnessed this shift I started looking for the cause, and what I realized was that most of these young men had never been treated like a positive member of society before. That day in the mall, they understood for the first time that it wasn’t them, it was their clothing that was causing a negative reaction – and they had the power to change the way people treated them simply by changing how they dressed.

For many of these young men, it was the first positive experience of their own power that they had ever had.

As a consultant, I knew how hard my clients had to work to make strides in their health, relationships, finances, etc. And here I was watching young men come alive right before my eyes, shifting in a moment. It moved me so deeply that I began researching everything I could about clothing, because I had seen its deeper power.

Clothing is more than a superficial garment you put on your body.

Your clothing is a sacred expression of who you are.

It is powerful. It is your “second skin.” It is an instrumental piece of the fabric that weaves your gifts into your life. It declares who you are and why you are to the world around you. And in doing so, it illuminates your Truth and attracts the people, places, and things that are meant to be called into your life to help you manifest your greatness into reality.

This is the ultimate goal of Dapper Love Soul – to bring out the unique sacred expression that is YOU.