A CornerMan for when you are in the ring of life.

This service is reserved for the man that knows he can be more, and is ready to face all obstacles and challenges in his way; to set himself free; to become everything he came here to be, and to do everything he came here to do.

This work is based on the understanding that we are our only competition, our only saboteurs.

Once we understand how and why we tick, and gain clarity about how to work with these aspects of ourselves, we become unstoppable. For nothing outside of us has the power to halt us unless we give it that power.

This work is powerful and creates exponential growth. Once started, it cannot be halted. This is why I have stated it is only for the ready man.

Why do I call myself a CornerMan?

I believe God/The Divine is the life coach and the voice of the Spirit inside you; asking you to listen to it over all the noise and nonsense is the trainer; and I am the corner man: the one you call in when you are ready for exponential growth.

My work is to reconstitute an unbreakable chain between your highest guidance, your inner guidance, your heart center and your brain.

You see, the ring of life is messy – especially when we get real. I want the men contemplating employing my CornerMan services to understand that I expect to get raw, to witness all of you: your believed flaws, fears, phobias, and shame from the past. Because only when we find grace in the “What’s So” can we create our liberation. For the only way out is through the Great Misunderstanding (all the nonsense that has us feeling less-than, insufficient, confused, and any other belief that is dissonant with the fact that we are gods wrapped in humanity.)

Each one of us brave souls is fully equipped to do everything we came here to do and be.

With me as your CornerMan, we will achieve certain victory.



My Story

Love pic.jpg

I always knew who I wanted to be but I never knew how to get there.

I knew from a young age that what society was trying to turn me into wasn’t right. But I didn’t know what to do differently. The Love in me never seemed strong enough to fend off the forces of our cultural nonsense. So my walk Home to my strong, loving, powerfully peaceful, Sacred Heart Warrior was a long, windy, arduous road. I call it “The Sacred School of Hard Knocks”: when one learns their lessons the hard and painful way by exploring all the “not-its” to find the right “it.” I liken my experience to walking through a dark room filled with razor blades trying to find the light switch while slicing my gentle flesh. My mantra and my saving grace was knowing that when I finally found the switch, I would be able to turn the light on for other men – knowing they would still have to walk their own maze of blades, but they would not have to do it in the dark.

So here I am. 41 and poised to add my love, my laughter, my goofiness, and my voice to the conversation. When the world seems bent on exhausting the list of all the things men have been and are still doing wrong, I am excited to shift our attention to all the things heart-centered men are inspired to be doing right – and then get to work helping them be successful doing it.

My highest aspiration is to illuminate the inherent oneness in all things.

I hope to expose the deep divide we are experiencing (within and without) for what it is – a GREAT MISUNDERSTANDING – while we create a world that works in harmony for all.